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Helvetica Power power generator

Electricity is quality of life.

Without electricity, no heating, no hospital, no refrigerator and much more. Protect yourself, your investments and your family with a HELVETICA POWER generator.


HELVETICA POWER LTD is a subsidiary of HELVETICA POWER AG. We are a machine dealer with a focus on power generators, which we sell in Switzerland and throughout Europe under our brand HELVETICA POWER ® drive out. We have ready-made units (stock), but we are also happy to create power generators according to your wishes. We offer very high quality at comparatively low prices and unbeatable guarantees.If there is no socket nearby, the electricity has to come from somewhere else: Today it is produced by power generators, generators or alternators. Whether camping, on construction sites, in a holiday home or on boats. But power outages are more common today than ever before. caused by natural disasters, snow chaos, outdated power grids or power shortages. Whole places "sit" in the dark, although the permanent supply of electricity should be a matter of course today. It's easy to forget how dependent you are when the power goes out unexpectedly. Heating systems are idle, electrical devices that simplify everyday life no longer work. Good for those who have taken precautions and opted for an emergency power generator from HELVETICA POWER ® secures the power supply. We know that every product counts and we look forward to getting to know you.


Below is information about our standard components. Of course we also build for you Your generator according to your wishes. All motor manufacturers and alternator manufacturers are available to you for this, which you can find belowcan see on the tiles.Whether Deutz, MAN, Volvo, Scania, Perkins, MTU, ISUZU, Cummins, Yagdong, Mitsubish, Weichai, Stamford, Leroy Somer, Ricardo or other components - it's your choice!


Ricardo is one of the largest independent engine developers, serving the needs of dozens of European and global manufacturers in the marine, automotive, agricultural and cargo vehicle industries, as well as professional autonomous power systems. Ricardo diesel engines, specifically developed for use in power plants, are in demand by leading global manufacturers of power generation equipment due to their high reliability and durability. Due to constant development, some Ricardo engine models are considered a benchmark of reliability and have been operating for many years in the most extreme conditions without serious failures


Generators provide direct current, alternators provide alternating current. The most famous alternators are STAMFORD from the USA and LEROY SOMER from FRANCE. Both  Companies each have over 100 years of experience and sell the most units worldwide. Production now takes place in China, Romania, India and the UK. 

In recent decades, China has been producing alternators made of 100% copper (brushless). Here, China draws on the experience of well-known alternator manufacturers and uses the highest quality materials for its own brands. 


If requested, we can install an ATS system in our generators. This means that you can use it as an emergency generator at any time. These generators start automatically in the event of a power failure. 

You are welcome to order our power generators with soot particle filter, heating, cell phone control, larger tank and much more. 

But everything needs to be controlled. Controllers from SmartGen are responsible for this. These also include the ability to control the ATS systems and allow readjustments regarding speed and heart rate.

our store

Here you will find a selection of our power generators as well as accessories and services for Europe and Switzerland.

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