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How many kW does my electricity generator need?

A diesel generator can power a variety of machines and devices, depending on the power (in kilowatts) and the specific requirements of the connected loads. Here are some examples of machines and devices that can typically be operated with diesel generators of different power levels:

  1. 7kW diesel generator:

    • Small machines and devices such as drills, presses, compressors, lighting, computers, televisions

    • lighting systems

    • Small household appliances

  2. 15kW diesel generator:

    • Larger machines and devices such as welding machines, pumps, air conditioning systems, machine tools

    • Lighting for medium sized events

    • Small to medium sized business facilities

  3. 30 kW diesel generator:

    • Industrial machines and systems, construction site machines, lighting of large buildings

    • Emergency power supply for smaller businesses
  4. 50kW diesel generator:

    • Construction site tools with higher power requirements

    • Power plants, mines, larger industrial facilities

      Emergency power supply for medium to large businesses

  5. 80 kW diesel generator:

    • Industrial plants with medium power requirements

    • Larger companies and factories

    • Emergency power supply for critical facilities

  6. 100 kW diesel generator:

    • Larger industrial plants and factories

    • Energy supply for events and trade fairs

    • Emergency power supply for critical facilities

  7. 125 kW diesel generator:

    • Large industrial plants and factories

    • Hospitals and data centers

    • Emergency power supply for critical facilities and large operations

It is important to note that actual power utilization depends on various factors, including the efficiency of the machines being operated at the same time and the specific requirements of each application. Before using a diesel generator, it is advisable to know the exact power requirements of the connected loads and to ensure that the generator is adequately sized.


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