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Diesel generators from Helvetica Power

Helvetica Power diesel generators are a reliable and efficient way to generate electricity. They are often used for emergency power supplies, construction sites and other applications where uninterrupted power is required.

Advantages of diesel generators

  • Reliable: Diesel generators are very reliable and can operate even in difficult conditions.

  • Efficient: Diesel generators are very efficient and therefore use less fuel than other types of generators.

  • Versatile: Diesel generators can be used for a variety of applications.

Emergency power supply

Diesel generators are an ideal solution for emergency power supplies. They can be used in businesses, hospitals, schools and other facilities to maintain power when the main power goes out.

construction sites

Diesel generators are indispensable on construction sites. They are used to provide power for tools, lighting and other devices.

Other applications

Diesel generators are also used for a variety of other applications such as: for:

  • Providing electricity to farms: In many agricultural operations, efficient irrigation is critical. Diesel generators can be used to power pump systems for irrigating fields and crops. These generators offer a flexible solution, especially in areas with unreliable power supply.

  • Industrial production and trade: In industrial production, in factories and commercial establishments, diesel generators are used as a backup power source to prevent production losses during power outages. They also provide a reliable energy supply in regions with unstable power supplies, where short-term interruptions could affect the production process.

  • Emergency power supply for homes and businesses: In the event of power outages or emergencies, diesel generators can serve as a backup power source for homes, shops and businesses. They ensure continuous power supply and enable essential equipment, lighting and heating systems to be kept running to maintain normal operations.


Emergency generators

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