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Grüne Energie Turbinen

We have to ration electricity!

Updated: Apr 13

According to FAZ, Bild and Handelsblatt, electricity rationing will be inevitable in the future. Weren't we already told when the light bulb went on that we needed to save electricity? The amount of electricity has also been further reduced by the closure of nuclear power plants in Germany. In addition, there will be countless new electric cars and, in the future, countless new heat pumps. This means that there is not enough electricity and will have to be rationed in the future. But what if you have a full freezer, need to recharge your car, or just rely on your computer and the Internet for your business ? What do you do without electricity ? Protect yourself with a generator. If in the future the government shuts it down for, say, an hour, then produce your own electricity with a generator < span style="color: #0057e1;">HELVETIAN POWER< strong>.

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